Different Model of DoorBird Intercom Door Station

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Highlight of Top Rated DoorBird Video Door Station

According to SafeWise’s 2020 State of Safety survey, break-ins are the number one property crime concern across America.

In addition, only 24% of people surveyed use a home security system, and 29% don’t use any security measures to protect their property. These findings are incredibly disconcerting, especially as the nature of home invasions are becoming especially technologically complex and strategic.

As a top-rated doors and gates operator and intercom installers, Located in the Los Angeles area. We want to help you understand what Intercom system is right for your application, start-ups, high-security facilities, multi-family residential buildings, and home-owners for its commitment to delivering quality security installation services.

We are always attuned to the needs of the security services market and take pride in installing the latest security systems to keep your home and business protected while providing convenience and accessibility. Being able to see who is at your door while you are anywhere in the world is also a way to keep your home or business welcoming to visitors, delivery personnel, and customers.

It may feel overwhelming to choose the right intercom system for your safeguarding needs, however, any solid intercom system should be able to efficiently bring together audio and video transmission to keep you informed and ready to take action at all times.

We outlined key questions to ask yourself as a prospective buyer of a new intercom system:

•    WiFi or hardwire?
•    How secure is the intercom system?
•    Why is this brand the best for this situation?
•    How long will this system last?
•    Does it integrate with my existing security system?
•    Can it function with my current communication technology?
•    Is there any post-event analysis included with the system?

As proud partners of DoorBird, an innovative audio and visual security communications company, we have highlighted DoorBird’s security devices as key players in the security systems sector. Continue reading to learn more about which DoorBird video system is right for your home or business.

The IP Video Door Station by DoorBird
The IP Video Door Station is a state of the art intercom system with products that allow you to keep a watchful eye on your house entrance from any of your smart devices.

All IP Video Door Station models are installed into your front entrance and can send push notifications to your smart device every time someone presses the button. Through the DoorBird App, you’ll be able to transmit and receive live video and audio in high-definition quality to whoever is at the building’s front entrance via the network. All models are equipped with motion sensor technology that detects movement at a distance, which can be adjusted via the DoorBird app, even at night.

When capturing video and audio transmission, all IP Video Door Station models can provide visitor history through still images and optional video recording. The transmissions are optimized through noise reduction and echo cancellation technology. In addition, all models offer individual action schedules that allow you to tailor specific security actions to your needs (e.g. utilizing the 4D motion sensor to switch on the external lamp at certain hours).

The IP Video Door Station can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into an existing Smart Home platform due to its seamless programming interface. With the IP Video Door Station, home monitoring has never been simpler.

Which DoorBird Intercom System is Right for Me?

Well suited for a single-family residence or business, the system features one call button with a backlit nameplate. The D1101V Flush-Mount offers all the core features of a DoorBird security system mentioned above but is unique for it is low-key and easy to install. The D1101V
D2101V Model
Ideal for single-family houses and commercial buildings with one unit, the D2101V model is a great alternative to the D1101V Flush-Mount. Like the D1101V Flush-Mount, the D2101V model includes one call button with a backlit nameplate. Unlike the Flush-Mount, however, the D2101v model offers you the ability to configure an RFID reader via your smart device, which reads and executes actions approved by you and those you’ve granted access to (e.g. dropping off a package).
D2101KV Model
The D2101KV model is best suited for single-family houses and commercial buildings with one unit. Similar to the above two mentioned models, the D2101KV model features one call button. This model is unique as it introduces a Keypad Module, which allows you to enter up to 100 customizable PIN codes. Access to the keypad, as well as customization, can seamlessly be done through the DoorBird App.
D2101WV Model
The D2101WV model is the ultimate security system for health-care facilities, schools, and buildings with high public traffic. The highlight of this system is the Touch-Free Calling Module, which reliably detects hand motions, such as hand waves, for contactless entry. In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), a hands-free system can reduce germ and infection exposure on high-touch surfaces.
D21DKV Model
For multi-tenant residences and buildings with up to 100 units, DoorBird introduces the D21DKV model, which features the Keypad Module noted above, as well as a state of the art Display Module. Using a highly sensitive distance sensor, the Display Module can be easily configured to display important messages such as welcome messages or resident information when a person approaches the screen.

As an authorized partner and professional installer of the DoorBird IP Video Station, we help you get started implementing an extra layer of security and convenience for your home and business. you can count on us to be punctual, attentive, and helpful during any installation process. Call for more about our installation services and availability on their website.

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