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Intercom systems have come a long way since their invention in the early 1900s. Initially, intercoms were used as a means of room-to-room communication, but now they have evolved into a sophisticated access control system. Intercoms provide a secure, convenient, and efficient way to communicate and grant access to a property.

Let’s explore the history and purpose of intercom systems, their evolution, the components, how they work, and what are the most common intercom system brands in Los Angeles, installation requirements, and the cost of intercom systems.

IP Video Intercom

Telephone Entry Intercom

Master and Substation

Before you start searching for “intercom installers near me,” you should research the different options out there. There’s no one size fits all solution, and what might be right for your neighbors might not suit your situation. You need to consider your specific needs and the setup of your home.

What is an intercom system?

An intercom system is a communication system that allows for two-way communication between two or more locations. Intercom systems have evolved from traditional wired systems to digital wireless systems. They are designed to provide access control to homes and businesses by enabling the homeowner or property manager to speak with a visitor before granting them access.

How does an intercom system work?

There are several types of intercom systems:
Telephone systems: Telephone systems use a landline telephone to initiate communication between the calling unit and the answering unit.
IP video intercoms: IP video intercoms use an internet connection and a mobile app to enable communication and video surveillance.
Master and Substation: Pair-to-pair intercoms use a master station and a substation to facilitate communication.
Guard station intercom: Specifically designed for larger facilities where you need additional security for any visitors coming onto the premises

Tip: Large apartment building, commercial properties, retail office, and gate intercoms each have their own pros and cons depending on their specific use cases. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the type of system that’s right for you, As an intercom installation company in Los Angeles our technician can help you identify the right setup for your unique needs.

Intercom System Add-on

You might think there’s only one way to activate an intercom, and that’s by pushing a button and talking into it. However, technology has advanced significantly, and now you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to how to interact with visitors.


The push is still available and is a classic for a reason. It just works, and anyone can operate it. There’s no confusion, allowing your visitors and employees to use the system with minimal training.


Keypads offer extra security by requiring your visitors to enter a numeric pin code before entering the facilities. You can combine this option with a traditional push-button intercom so that you have to provide individuals with the code over the speaker. A technician can help identify the right setup for you based on your unique needs. They can also make recommendations on the best brands that specialize in the type of intercom you want.

Card Readers

You can issue magnetic access cards to other employees to gain access to the premises and supply them to visitors in a secure way. Some companies will store these in lockboxes for contractors and provide them with a pin code to access them. 

Proximity Readers

Instead of issuing and replacing access cards, another alternative is to use other credentials to enter the building. Digital cards on smartphones are becoming more popular as they don’t require any physical medium, and they are simple to disable when access is no longer necessary.

Biometric Scanner

A state-of-the-art intercom system can feature more unique ways to gain access. You can use fingerprints, retinal scanners, and facial recognition to identify people.

It can take some time to set this system up. However, it’s tough to trick, and it will provide peace of mind that only authorized individuals are stepping foot on the premises.


Popular Intercom Brands

If you do an internet search for intercom brands, you’ll come across hundreds of companies that offer multiple types of systems. But when it comes to home security, you want a company that you can trust. Some of the most reliable intercom businesses are:

DoorBirdIP video intercomAllows for remote access and video surveillanceHigh-quality video and audio, remote access, easy installationCan be expensive, requires an internet connection
DoorkingTelephone-based systemProvides access control to gated communities and apartment complexesSimple to use, reliable, cost-effectiveLimited features, not suitable for larger properties
AiphoneTraditional wired intercomCommonly used in commercial buildingsDurable, reliable, versatileWith limited features, installation can be complicated

These are just a few examples of popular brands, however, there are plenty of other stockists that carry top-of-the-line intercoms. You should rely on an intercom specialist to advise the right company for your needs.

Typical Uses for Intercoms

While the most common type of intercom is the classic door and speaker push-button model, sometimes this isn’t the best solution for all homes and businesses. Depending on the property’s layout or the existing security in place, you may need to improvise on how to implement a system.

For example, pedestrian doors and gates may require your standard push-button style system. You may also want to incorporate video before you let anyone onto the premises. These systems even work for electric gates.

Apartment buildings also require an advanced form of intercom system because you’re not just protecting yourself, but everyone else in the building. Video options can be the best option to record any visitors who come through the door.

If you own an Airbnb property, then you might want to think about keypad intercoms. You can easily send the code to the guests and change it once they checkout. 

Commercial buildings in industrial areas have different needs altogether. The right intercom can depend on your industry and security requirements. Sometimes biometric readers might seem overkill, but not if you work for the government or on highly classified projects.

Hardware and Accessory Options

Your intercom system doesn’t have to start and end with the standard speakers and video systems. There are options to include other items that can further enhance your security system. Some common hardware and accessory options are:

  • Mobile operations
  • Magnetic locks
  • Door strikes
  • Motion sensors
  • Contactless entry

While many of these are optional, they are worth considering. They can be a good compromise if some aspects of your intercom system aren’t possible due to your layout or existing security equipment.

Intercom Repair and New Installation.

Welcome to The Tech Guys! We’re a team of experienced technicians providing intercom repair and new installation services to residential and business clients in the Los Angeles area. Our mission is to provide reliable and professional services to help our clients stay connected and secure.

About Our Intercom Repair and Installation Services

Intercom systems are a convenient and secure way to communicate with others, whether it’s welcoming guests into your home or allowing employees to enter your business. However, over time, intercom systems can experience issues that require repair or replacement.

At The Tech Guys, we offer a range of intercom repair and new installation services, including:

  • Repairing damaged intercom systems
  • Replacing faulty intercom parts
  • Installing new intercom systems (wired, wireless, video, and more)
  • Wiring and configuring intercom systems
  • Integrating intercom systems with other security systems, such as access control

Our team of technicians has extensive experience working with various intercom systems, and we use the latest technology and tools to provide efficient and effective services. We work with both residential and business clients, and we understand that every client has unique needs and preferences.

Service Areas

We provide intercom repair and new installation services in the following areas in Los Angeles:

  • Beverly Hills
  • Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
  • West Hollywood
  • Down Town LA
  • And more!

If you’re located in the Los Angeles area and need intercom repair or installation services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Intercom Repair Services

At The Tech Guys, we can help resolve a range of intercom system issues, including:

  • No sound or distorted sound
  • Poor video quality
  • Malfunctioning buttons or displays
  • Power supply issues
  • And more!

We’ll diagnose the issue and provide a solution that’s tailored to your needs and budget. We’ll keep you informed throughout the repair process, and we’ll do everything we can to minimize any disruptions to your daily routine.

New Intercom Installation Services

If you’re looking to install a new intercom system, we can help you choose the right system for your needs and budget. We offer a range of wired and wireless intercom systems, including video intercom systems that provide additional security features.

Our installation process is thorough and efficient, and we’ll make sure everything is wired and configured correctly. We’ll also provide training on how to use your new intercom system and answer any questions you may have.


We believe in transparent pricing, and we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of the costs for each service before we start working. Our prices are competitive and fair, and we’ll do everything we can to work within your budget.


Don’t just take our word for it – check out what our past clients have to say about our intercom repair and installation services:

  • “The Tech Guys saved the day when our intercom system stopped working. They were fast, efficient, and professional. Highly recommend!” – Sarah S., Beverly Hills
  • “We needed a new intercom system for our business, and The Tech Guys provided excellent advice and installation services. The system works great, and we feel more secure now.” – Kevin H., Santa Monica


We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers on our website. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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