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As the saying goes, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

As such, using a security electric gate is important for both residential and commercial spaces. This sense of security is one major reason why the appeal of gated communities has increased.

Although this security is critical, it also needs to be functional. People like the idea of a gate, but also don’t want it to be too cumbersome for their own personal needs.

There are a variety of obvious advantages to security electric gates over manual systems. For larger spaces with high volumes of vehicles, these systems will save time and decrease staffing needs.

Keep reading to learn more about the use of both residential and commercial electric security gate systems, and how they can work for your space.

How Do These Systems Provide Security?

Making use of security electric gates can be very beneficial for almost any industry. Popular uses include:

  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Gated community
  • Military bases
  • Parking lots
  • Schools and universities
  • Storage facilities

These systems allow you to easily open and close the gate in a click of a button right before you arrive to the gate, or in case that you have smart intercom installed or access control system you can open it from your phone no matter where you are.

Of course, if you wanted a more basic system you could likely set one up yourself. But for a professional, effective, and secure gate—contact a professional. Security electric gates go a long way to help deter criminals.

Security Gate Types

There are various types of security electric gates. No two spaces will have the same security needs, nor the same space available. You should compare types to find the best one to fit your space and security needs. 

Swing Security Gate

For swing gates, the doors of the gate work much like a traditional door. The gate will swing either inwards or outwards upon command with the gates shutting behind.  

Swing gates work notably well for residential areas. They are not designed for use near a slope (although there is a creative way to do that too) and work better with wide gate spaces.

Sliding Security Gate

Sliding gates tend to be most practical in smaller spaces. These are the systems you would routinely see at a storage facility. The gate slides in parallel to the fence, making way for authorized vehicles to pass through.

Overhead Security Gate

Overhead security electric gates usually have doors that slide up and down, much like what is seen in a traditional garage door.

There are different types of overhead doors, for garages and other similar spaces. They are great for small spaces due to their compact nature.

Barrier Security Gate

This is the type of commercial electric security gate you might find in a parking garage. These require some type of validation to which the arm will raise and allow vehicles to enter or exit.

These gates are simple and inexpensive to install. However, they are less secure and less attractive than other options.

Heavy Duty Security Gate

There are heavy-duty options for all of the aforementioned security electric gates. 

Perhaps the best choice for highly-secured environments may be a vertical lift gate. These are also good options for spaces with less room on the sides of the openings.

Security Gate Materials

Choosing the best gate materials will really depend on your individual needs. Be sure to weigh all of your options and contact an experienced professional for an expert opinion.

Wood Gate

Wooden gates tend to be more natural-looking and can provide more privacy if close-boarded.

The material is strong and durable, in addition to being very visually attractive. There are usually many options to choose from that can boost your property’s curb appeal.

However, it is important to note that this material is high-maintenance. It requires painting and/or staining on a frequent basis, and is susceptible to damage from moisture or insects.

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron is a good choice as it is very durable. If well taken care of, these gates can last for a very long time.

However, they are also usually more expensive. They are more difficult to install, in addition to being much heavier than other materials. Plus, wrought iron gates typically do not conceal property well.

Steel Gate

Another option for security electric gates is steel. This material is durable and versatile. It is also much more low-maintenance than other options.

However, it is expensive and heavy much like the previous option. There is also less room for customization with steel gates.

Iron Gate

Iron is one of the most durable and secure options for security electric gates. It provides a beautiful gate that can match the aesthetic of a property well. However, it’s important to note there is more upkeep to these gates to prevent rust.

Custom Gate

Many options for a commercial electric security gate feature aluminum. This material is strong and durable, yet lightweight and low-maintenance.

However, there are fewer customization options with aluminum. The flexible movement of the material can lead to gate damage and denting under strong weather.

Vinyl is also attractive due to its low cost, low maintenance, and resistance to rust. However, vinyl is not as durable as other options. 

Automatic Gate Opener Repair and New Installation

Many gate systems are usually mechanized by either electro-mechanical or hydraulic systems. The actual mechanism that opens the gate varies from model to model.

Swing Electric Gate Openers

Swing gates have various automatic opener methods. The most common example is the linear ram motor. The arm is attached to a motor to change the length. The arm is either shortened to open the gate, or extended to close it.

Sliding Electric Gate Openers

These systems use a cog and teeth attached to the gate itself. Combined with other equipment including a guide track, roller guides, and a cantilever device allows the gate to open in the preferred direction.

Overhead Electric Gate Openers

The automatic gate openers for overhead gates are very similar to the garage door button you would see in a passenger car.

The guide is attached to the center of the door, which is connected to an opener (powered by a motor). The guide contains a screw, chain, or belt, which moves the trolley in line with the guide to move the gate. 

Barrier Electric Gate Openers

These are usually powered by an arm that can automatically open. You can connect a keypad, card reader, ticket reader, or other devices. This way, once the authorization is granted, the arm will automatically open without further action.

Heavy-Duty Electric Gate Opener Repair and Installation

Automatic openers for heavy-duty gates will vary based on the model.

The key here is that these automatic openers ensure you do not have to get close to the mechanism. This means less risk is required to operate the machinery—in the off chance something goes wrong.

Electric Gate Opener Repair or Replacement

Over time, it is likely your security electric gates will require repair due to either mechanical complications or just simple wear and tear.

To ensure the unit remains in top working condition and all issues are fixed, it’s definitely a good idea to contact a reputable service provider.

Electric Gate Chain Repair or Replacement

The chain is exposed to harsh conditions on a daily basis. As such, it can rust or stretch out which thus makes the opening and closing more difficult.

There are important preventative steps you can take on your own to avoid chain breakage and replacement. By keeping the chain lubed and ensuring correct tension, you can extend the lie of your chain.

Electric Gate Opener Board Repair or Replacement

The circuit board controls the entire gate operation. Though they are small, the entire gate system can stop working with some board issues. If you are experiencing circuit board issues for your electric security gate, it is highly advised that you contact a professional.

Maintenance is also key here. It’s important to remove insects, their webs, and to plug any holes to ensure there is no damage to your board.

Electric Gate Motor Unit Repair or Replacement

If the outlet to the motor turns off (either with the breaker or simply becoming unplugged), the gate may stop reacting. This can lead to issues operating the gate system.

If simply plugging it back in does not solve the problem, be sure to contact a professional to get the gate back in service.

Electric Gate Opener Accessories

Even if they do not cause the entire gate system to fail, having accessories stop working can be inconvenient. Plus, it could point to deeper issues within the system itself. Contact a professional to check this issue out and get everything back to working order.

Metal and Iron Work Repair

Without proper maintenance, ironwork can rust and break off. In addition to visual unattractiveness, this can be dangerous. The damage can also get more and more extensive—and thus expensive—if ignored.

Therefore, it is best to contact a professional to clean and repair metal or iron issues.

New Electric Gate Opener Installation

The timeline for an automatic gate opener installation really depends on the complexity of the system. This can range from a few hours to a full day. 

The general steps are as follows:

  1. Prepare for installation
  2. Determine the best positioning
  3. Install post bracket assembly to establish clearance between the gate and the opener
  4. Mount the opener arm
  5. Install a stop plate
  6. Connect all electronics
  7. Complete finishing touches including control board and personalization settings

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When comparing your options for security electric gates and their automatic openers, be sure to look for a trusted source with years of experience.

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