Cloud Based Access Control Installation

Cloud Access Control Installation

All About Cloud Base Access Control, Role-Based Access Control for Mid to Large Business Sizes.

We’ve been using locks and keys for over a thousand years for door access control and they work just great. However, when you’re dealing with several people and multiple entries, access to the doors and key management starts to get complicated.

Access control is the restriction and regulation of who gains entry into a building. It helps reduce the risks involved with security breaches in an organization and gives you flexibility on who can come in and out of your property. These systems have a method of recognizing an individual and authenticating them before access is granted.

Businesses can give a set amount of people unlimited access to a building to come and go as they please without calling in for doors to be opened. Some recognition systems include pin codes, cards, fingerprints/ scanners, etc, for single entry or multi-site access points.

Access Control System offers you a complete solution, from a single door system to a complex, multi-site installation with numerous cardholders. It is an excellent solution for small businesses, small offices, and large organizations that handle sensitive data and require high-security.

Access control gives you more control over who has access, which doors they have access to, what times they are allowed to access, and under what conditions they are allowed to enter – for example, a utility worker or temporary employees. 

Cloud-Based Access Control

There are different types of access control, and we are going to focus one of our favorites and top services. 

With cloud-based access control, security information from one or more buildings can be stored in one place, so it is more flexible and can be viewed in real-time. With cloud access control there is no need to purchase multiple servers to install on-site, and an unlimited number of doors can be added to the cloud account.

When it comes to today’s access control, the terms “hosted” and “managed” seem to be more common. In contrast, the access control management becomes way more complicated, thanks to technological managing, which is much more straightforward.

With cloud access control, you can manage the entire security solution from a smartphone or laptop. Some of the most beneficial features include: scheduling doors or groups of people, different grant levels of user access, get event alerts, view real-time video, and initiate lockdowns of all doors on an entire site, from anywhere.

7 Key Benefits for Managed Cloud-Based Access Control

Support – On the support end, security integrators save time and resources by updating software remotely and having a customer service representative available anytime (mostly) for any question or concern on how to use the system.

Fit any size of business – While it may be a good fit for a small to mid-size business, enterprise users are also now considering ACaaS because it solves several pain points for them, from cost to ease of use to cybersecurity issues.

Save Money – Cloud access control systems cut out the cost of hardware pay as you go, and the ease of setup and management of the system saves on considerable internal resources.

Collaboration – Anyone on your team can view and edit access rights anytime and anywhere with cloud-based access control. Different admin roles and visibility levels can empower your teammates without you losing any control, even when you’re not on site.

Synchronized data – Before, cloud system workers had to receive and eventually hand back access cards. With this type of system, you end up with chaos sooner or later; people still have access to your offices but are no longer affiliated with your company. 

When moving into a new location, not much change is needed, all the data remains in the cloud. You would only need to move the hardware and install on the new doors. With a few adjustments, you are ready to go.

User friendly – Access control system software is easy to use for all business owners and employees.

What about Cybersecurity 

Is Cloud Access More or Less Cyber-Secure?

Whether in the Cloud or on-premise, Cybersecurity is relative. Some organizations have firm Cybersecurity practices, and others don’t invest as much. Cloud is not necessarily more secure, but it’s easily managed by people. Most systems are completely untended and unprotected.

Unlike on-premise systems, the cloud has the advantage of remote updates, keeping things more current and secure.

Amazon and Microsoft are the two leading players in cloud-based storage. Many service providers, tech companies, and hardware companies use these cloud servers for storage, so the question is, is there a better way to protect your data than with these two giants? 

One of the most trusted access control providers, Brivo, uses Microsoft Azure for cloud storage. As a Brivo rep stated, “It goes back to the principle of do I store my money in a checking account or under my mattress? Someone might have a crazy secure house, but we trust Microsoft just like I trust my bank”.

The Main Components of Access Control

Access Cards – Access cards are like a key. The user will scan their access cards to access the building or specific rooms within the building. Each access card has a unique code. 

Reader – Electronic devices can read cards embedded with either a barcode, magnetic strip, computer chip, or another storage medium.

Keypad – instead of a key, this keypad system requires a numerical code to grant entry to a facility or property. Users punch in the code via a numerical pad, similar to those on a basic calculator. If the correct code is entered, the door lock or deadbolt will release. 

Door strike: A door strike is one of the primary components of a typical door locking system. The door strike usually attaches to the doorway’s frame, and it is carefully aligned with the lockset to give the latch a place to sink into when the door closes. Unlike the standard strike that comes with a door, the electric strike is controlled by command. Electric door strikes can be fail-secure or fail-safe.

Magnetic lock – A maglock is like a door strike, a locking device with an electromagnet and an armature plate. Typically, the lock’s electromagnet portion is attached to the door frame, and the plate is attached to the door. When the two parts are in contact, the door closes. When the electromagnet is energized with power, it creates the locking action. The magnetic lock is inherently fail-safe.

Locking devices – Locking devices can be either “fail-safe” or “fail secure”. Fail-secure locking devices are a type of device that remains locked when power is off. Fail-safe locking devices are a type of device that is unlocked when power is out. 

Request to Exit – (REX) devices are used to allow the free and safe exit of an area without entering any credentials. Many options, such as exit buttons, motion devices, or touch-sensitive devices, make it an ideal choice for releasing maglocks or door strikes.

Access Control Field Panels – The main operation manages everything and it continually monitors the doors. It is what connects the different components of access control as a whole.  

Access Control Software –  The software is the entire system’s brain; it is the system’s central database and file manager. It records the system activity and distributes information to and from the field panels in the building. It is what allows you to control your doors from anywhere at any time.


Integrated Access Control Systems offer you a complete solution, from a single door system to a complex, multi-site installation with numerous cardholders. 

If you’re looking for a reliable professional security expert, we’re here to help you choose and install the right system for your building.

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