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Ring X Line: Re-Imagining the Ring Doorbell Camera

The rise of technological advancements in the security sector has made protecting your home or business easier than ever. Smart video doorbells, for example, have become an indispensable tool in home security because they act as a standing guard. After all, everything starts at your door. Here we are going to talk about Ring and their new line of products.

It may feel overwhelming to choose the right doorbell for your needs. We outlined key questions to ask yourself and the provider (Ring, Nest, Simplisafe…) company as a prospective buyer:

    •    Is this a DIY project or a professionally installed project?

    •    How theft and weather-resistant are they?

    •    Why is this brand the best for my situation?

    •    How long will this system last?

    •    Can it function with my current communication technology?

    •    Is there any post-event analysis included with the system?

    •    Is the brands’ company innovative?

As proud partners of Ring, a revolutionary leader for a video doorbell, we have highlighted Ring’s X Line devices as standout products of 2021.

The Ring X Line consists of premium bundles of existing Ring devices and services designed with the professional installer in mind. The seven unique bundles within this product line aim to make the professional installation process an even better and more efficient experience for both installers and their customers.

Each bundle is built around a Ring doorbell or security camera and includes a Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan along with a three-year limited warranty. The Ring X Line is offered exclusively through the installer and can’t be found anywhere else at the moment. 

Continue reading to learn more about which Ring X Line product is right for your home or business.

Which Ring X Line Product is Right for Me?

Video Doorbell 3 Plus X

This bundle includes a battery-powered doorbell with advanced security features, like improved motion detection and an added Near Motion Zone feature. Motion Zones allow you to define a specific area that you want your Ring device to cover while ignoring everything outside that area. By selecting Motion Zones to cover only areas you want the Ring device to monitor, you can effectively monitor the area you want as well as reduce the number of “false positive” motion alerts (such as cars driving by).

The doorbell featured in this bundle is equipped with Ring’s Pre-Roll technology, which enables you to view more complete motion events with your Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. A Ring Video Doorbell Plus 3 with Pre-Roll will capture motion four seconds before a motion event is triggered. After these critical seconds of activity are recorded they will be attached to the event clip. If you are subscribed to a Ring Protect plan you will get a video of the event allowing you to have a better look at what’s happening outside your door.

Video Doorbell Elite X

This bundle includes a professional-grade, flush-mount smart doorbell hardwired with Power over Ethernet. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a protocol that transmits both data and power simultaneously to network devices, greatly reducing the cost of installation and maintenance. This allows the placement of Ring devices in areas without conventional power supplies, or without requiring devices to be plugged into a standard power outlet to get them to function. With this premium bundle, customers have the option of choosing a faceplate color of their choice.

Video Doorbell Pro X

With 1080HD video, two-way audio and customizable motion sensors, the smart Video Doorbell Pro is Ring’s most advanced doorbell yet. You can receive instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors, and see, hear and speak to anyone at your front door from your smartphone or tablet.

The Pro doorbell is equipped with a nonstop wired charge, which optimizes battery charging by utilizing the wiring from your existing doorbell to maintain the charge of the device.

Video Doorbell Elite X with the Access Controller Pro Cellular

This bundle offers all the great features of the Video Doorbell Elite system and includes the Access Controller Pro. Through seamless integration with the Ring App, the Access Controller Pro allows customers to remotely control visitor access to existing electrical gates or doors with the touch of a button. With the Access Controller Pro, you can also use the Key by Amazon app to receive Amazon packages inside your gate – a free service available nationwide. With Key for Gate delivery, your packages will be protected and conveniently waiting inside your gate.

Ring’s Accessibility with Smart Locks

Ring prides itself on its ability to smoothly integrate with Smart locks. Ring has come out with Works With Ring, a comprehensive guide of smart home products (e.g. smart locks) that can connect with Ring security systems. The guide is being continually updated and features. What it those it makes the ring doorbell act as access control now you can see who is in your door and also grant access all in the same app.

As an authorized partner and professional installer of Ring’s X Line, we are here to help you get started implementing an extra layer of security for your home and business. you can count on us to be punctual, attentive, and helpful during any installation process.

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