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Advanced access control measures are becoming more and more popular around the globe. As society evolves, it becomes even more important to keep our facilities secure.

These advanced cloud-based solutions, like the Brivo access control system, allow facilities managers, security personal, and company administrators to keep a watchful eye on their company assets at all times.

The landscape of security and access control has changed as we know it. A robust security solution can be run from anywhere in the world. That smartphone that’s in your pocket is just as good as a team full of security guards.

And, it’s probably even more effective. What makes these systems even more powerful is their ability to integrate with other helpful services like video surveillance and CCTV. They can also help security personnel keep accurate records of who’s coming and going at their facility.

You might be saying “my team doesn’t need this newfangled equipment”. Well, let us show you why you might want to reconsider.

The Brivo access control system is a modern solution to this modern problem. But, what exactly is Brivo? Better yet, what is access control?

If you’re new to the concept, not to worry. That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this article. We’ll be talking about what access control is, how to manage access control successfully, and what Brivo systems can do to help you achieve your access control goals.

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be your IT team’s resident access control expert. But, we have a lot of information we need to cover to get you there.

So, grab your pen and pad. Your class is now in session.

What Is Access Control?

Access control is a major building block of a good security plan. And, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Security staff need to focus on controlling access and entry to your facility.

It’s your first line of defense against any potential threats.

A good system of security measures like user IDs, access codes, and biometric scanning is a good start.

The main goal of access control is to verify the identity of employees. Once your system can tell people are who they say they are, they can receive access to the information and facility areas they need. But, they’re only given access to what they need to complete their specific job.

To keep security risks at a minimum, employees shouldn’t be allowed to “roam” too far on facility grounds. This is especially true if your company handles sensitive equipment or information.

How Access Control Works

Good access control protocols rely on unique identifiers to verify employees. Occasionally, high-profile facilities may use technology like biometric scans for access control. These security measures help to restrict physical access to sensitive areas of campuses and facilities, as well.

Many companies will implement multifactor authentication to increase their security even more. A multifactor access control system requires users to provide more than one form of identification to gain access.

In today’s day and age, there are several industries, businesses, and public assembly uses that are benefitting from advanced access control. Let’s take a look at some real-world examples of what advanced access control can do for your business.

The Cannabis Industry

States throughout the country are beginning to legalize the use of cannabis. Whether it’s for medical use, recreational use, or some combination of the two, legalization comes with new rules and regulations.

In order to comply with these regulations, cannabis industry companies are turning to an advanced access control solution, like Brio, more often. These solutions allow you to audit and report access data in a format that can be easily exported.

That’s a key part of the procedures necessary to operate your cannabis facility legally.

In order to grow and sell cannabis legally, facilities need to have a certain level of security. In addition to making sure the building is located in a great location with low crime rates, grow operations and dispensaries need to take every measure possible to secure their facility.

This means that smart cannabis companies will focus on advanced access control to keep their facilities as safe as possible. A cloud-based solution allows cannabis operations to ensure the right people are getting access to the building at the right time.

Grow operations and dispensaries are also at a higher risk of a break-in or robbery. An advanced access control solution allows these businesses to integrate video surveillance, alarm systems, or CCTV into their security measures, as well.

All of this can be done without the need for excessive amounts of hardware and equipment. Security teams or management employees of the cannabis company can monitor the entire facility with a cloud-based solution like Brivo.

Religious Facilities

Churches are also turning to advanced access control solutions to protect their facilities. Cloud solutions like Brivo offer churches, synagogues, and mosques all the features they need to keep their congregations safe.

Administrators, volunteers, and employees of the church can all gain access when need be through cloud-based sharing of “keys” to the facility. Administrators or security personnel can share access via a mobile app to anyone who needs to enter the building.

This comes in handy because all churches run programs that take place outside normal service hours. Even if there’s no service in session, church staff can still see who is coming and going with a simple click of a button.

If anyone needs to access the church and doesn’t have permission, an advanced solution like Brivo can handle that too. Staff that’s in charge of access to the church can unlock doors remotely for whoever may need to get into the building.

This feature comes in handy with volunteers, newer employees, or someone who simply happened to forget their access credentials at home. In the past, someone would’ve had to drive to the facility and let the person in. Now, that’s a thing of the past.

And it’s all thanks to advanced access control measures.

Start-Up Companies

Tech start-ups can also benefit from advanced access control. These companies can be huge. And, as a result, they conduct their work on huge campuses of buildings.

Certain buildings are necessary for certain people and others are not. Using advanced access control, start-up companies can limit who has access to which facility. With millions of dollars in IT equipment and intellectual property on-site, the added level of security advanced access control provides is essential.

IT administrators can give employees a certain level of security clearance depending on what they need to access. Managers can access particular parts of the server room that regular IT staff shouldn’t be accessing. This customizable solution will help to keep everyone safe while working on campus.

These companies can also schedule access. If IT managers need to work opposite shifts (i.e. daytime and nighttime) the access control can be set to open for them and lock when they leave. 

Advanced access control can also offer tech companies a cybersecurity solution. As companies continue to take advantage of new technology to expand their businesses, cybersecurity becomes an ever-increasing issue. Larger companies have access to so much data it becomes a problem to keep it secure.

Add to that the fact that hackers are becoming smarter by the minute, and data security starts to look like a real challenge. It’s even more challenging in industries that deal with data compliance regulations.

Exploring the Brivo Access Control System

Brivo is the first of its kind. It’s a cloud-based access control system. And, it’s designed for businesses of all sizes. What makes Brivo different is that it will keep your buildings and employees safe from any location.

IT and security managers can access the Brivo system from a clean, easy-to-use dashboard on a tablet or smartphone. Security personnel can open doors from a mobile device which eliminates the use of keycards or biometric readers. But, if you feel more comfortable, you can still use RFID access control via Brivo’s RFID card readers.

Your team can also set specific times for entrances and alarms. This allows you to automate your access control. The result is your security team is free to perform more high-value tasks.

Aside from the features above, what really makes Brivo special is the full suite of products they offer.

Brivo ACS100

The ACS100 is Brivo’s single-door access control panel. It works together with Brivo’s smart reader so it can be accessed remotely, as well. It can also work with Brivo OnAir or Brivo mobile credentials.

The result is a secure cloud connection, lower costs, and easy installation.

Brivo ACS300

The ACS300 is Brivo’s more hi-tech door controller. This particular controller can work over an ethernet/Wi-Fi connection. It also allows for hundreds of thousands of credentials while offline.

This makes it the perfect solution for the management of a multi-family property. The ACS300 is a big reason why Brivo has been so successful in the vacation rental management space.

The ACS300 works best for a maximum of two-door readers.

Brivo ACS6000

The ACS6000/6008 is Brivo’s biggest solution. This particular product is more than a door reader. It’s a control panel for larger multi-family solutions. 

The ACS6000 can support up to 30 card readers per control panel. This access control solution would be great for a larger vacation rental property or maybe even hotels.

Brivo OnAir

OnAir is Brivo’s cloud-based solution. OnAir works as a mobile, browser-based access control solution. Brivo’s OnAir platform provides customers with a low-maintenance, economical access control product.

Brivo Mobile Pass

Mobile Pass is the app that connects Brivo to all of its cloud-based solutions. Administrators can assign wireless credentials to users’ smartphones via the Mobile Pass app.

Mobile Pass grants access to any number of doors. And, access can be granted forever, or for a certain number of days. Mobile Pass is another great tool for vacation rentals. 

Users can give AirBnB residents mobile access for the length of their stay. Once they check out, their Mobile Pass expires.

On-site, a user can scan or tap their phone against the reader just like a security card. The Mobile Pass app also uses Bluetooth geofencing technology to prevent further security risks.

Brivo and Eagle Eye

Brivo is partnering with Eagle Eye to revolutionize CCTV applications. Working together, Brivo and Eagle Eye bring cloud-based access control to security camera systems. The result is a seamless experience that increases safety and peace of mind for the end-user.

Brivo Identity Connector

Brivo’s Identity Connector allows for seamless integration with other big names in cybersecurity. If you’re using an IAM solution like Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Okta, Identity Connector can bring that data into your Brivo access control solution without a hitch.

You can grant or deny access to certain parts of your facility based on a user’s identity. For example, if John Smith needs to go everywhere but the storage room, his ID credentials can adapt in Brivo Identity Connector to show that.

This allows for a personalized access control solution that makes sure every employee has the access they need to do their job.

Brivo complete security

Brivo access control systems help you leverage modern technology to keep assets and data safe. Minimize the risk for you and your employees so everyone can focus on the best use of their time.

Are you interested in upgrading to a Brivo solution? Contact The Tech Guys Doors and Gates today to see how we can make that happen. We’re happy to answer any questions and we’re always here to help.

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