HCTDCUL Specialty Overhead Operator for multi-unit residential parking facilities

Standard Features
Pre-motion Warning Alarm: activates on-board alarm 3 seconds prior to gate motion
External Alarm Reset Button: instantly resets the built – in safety alarm siren
Maximum-run Timer protects against damage to the gate and operator by limiting the unit’s run time to 120 seconds.
Dynamic Breaking System: adds substantial gate position control at all points of travel
Monitored Safety Inputs: mainboard, 3 expansion board
Security+ 2.0® On-Board Radio Receiver: Tri-Band 310/315/390 MHz frequency up to 50 remote controls (unlimited with 811LM/813LM)
LED Diagnostic Display: simplifies installation and troubleshooting
Programmable Auxiliary Relays: make adding additional features easy

HomeLink® Compatible 


  • 24VDC Continuous-Duty Motor
  • Operator Duty Rating: High-Cycle, High-Temperature Continuous Duty on 8, 10 and 12 ft. Rails; 600 Cycles on 14 and 16 ft. Rails
  • Wormgear Reduction: Oi l -Bath Gearbox with 28:1 Gear Reducer

120/230V Single-Phase
Accessory Power: 24VDC 500mA Output
Solar-Ready, Ultra-Reliable System: delivers power when and where you need it (LMRRUL/LMTBUL Heater Option Not Recommended for Solar Applications)

Commercial Grade Design
Chassis: Constructed with 1/4 in. Gold Zinc-Plated Steel for Rust Prevention
Trolley Assembly: Heavy-Duty 12-Gauge Steel Track with 6 UHMW Rollers
UL® Usage Classification: II , III and IV


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