Electrified Locking Hardware for Access Control Systems | The Tech Guys Doors and Gates

Electrified locking hardware plays a crucial role in modern access control systems, providing secure and convenient solutions for residential and commercial buildings. At The Tech Guys Doors and Gates, we specialize in manufacturing and providing high-quality electrified locking hardware to ensure the highest level of security and convenience for our customers.

Our range of electrified locking hardware includes a variety of devices designed to meet different application needs:

Electrified Mortise Locks: Ideal for commercial buildings requiring advanced security, electrified mortise locks offer remote control functionality, allowing easy access control to restricted areas. These locks provide an additional layer of security, as they are difficult to pick or tamper with.

Electrified Cylindrical Locks: Perfect for residential buildings, electrified cylindrical locks offer easy installation and remote control capabilities. They provide homeowners with enhanced convenience and security, enabling control over who has access to their homes.

Motorized and Electrified Exit Devices: Installed on emergency exit doors in commercial and industrial buildings, motorized and electrified exit devices ensure easy door opening during emergencies. These devices can be integrated with other access control systems to provide advanced security features.

Electrified Exit Trims: Retrofit devices that can be easily installed on existing door hardware, electrified exit trims offer electrified access control capabilities, enhancing security and convenience.

We also offer other components for a complete door automation system, including power supplies, power sources, relay boards, energy transfer hinges, and door loops. These components provide the necessary power and control signals to the locking devices and allow seamless integration with other access control systems.

When selecting electrified locking hardware, consider the following factors:

Door Type: Evaluate the door’s size, weight, and material to determine the appropriate electrified locking hardware. Different types may be required for hollow metal doors, wood doors, glass doors, or aluminum doors.

Security Level: Assess the level of security required for your application. We offer electrified locking hardware with additional features like tamper-proof covers, anti-pick pins, and alarm contacts for high-security applications.

Access Control System: Ensure compatibility between the electrified locking hardware and your access control system. Consider the type of credentials used, such as key fobs, biometric scanners, or PINs.

Power Supply: Determine the power supply requirements, including AC or DC power and the required voltage for the electrified locking hardware.

Environment: Take into account the installation environment, including factors like temperature, humidity, and exposure to the elements, which can impact performance and durability.

At The Tech Guys Doors and Gates, we take pride in offering high-quality electrified locking hardware for various applications. Whether you need electrified mortise locks for a commercial building or electrified exit trims for a retrofit project, our experienced team is ready to assist you with expert installation and reliable repairs.

Contact us today to discuss your electrified locking hardware needs and discover secure and convenient solutions for your access control system.