Brivo, Cloud Base Access Control System

The Power of Brivo Access Control System: Enhancing Facility Security

Advanced access control measures have gained significant popularity worldwide as the need for enhanced security in facilities becomes increasingly important. Cloud-based solutions like the Brivo access control system offer facility managers, security personnel, and company administrators the ability to monitor their assets effectively from anywhere in the world. These systems integrate with video surveillance, CCTV, and other services to provide a comprehensive security solution. In this article, we will explore the concept of access control, discuss successful access control management, and highlight the capabilities of the Brivo system.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Access Control?
  3. How Access Control Works
  4. Real-World Examples of Advanced Access Control
  5. Exploring the Brivo Access Control System
  6. Conclusion


What Is Access Control?

Access control is a fundamental component of a robust security plan. It involves controlling and managing access and entry to a facility, acting as the first line of defense against potential threats. Access control utilizes various security measures such as user IDs, access codes, and biometric scanning to verify the identity of individuals. By accurately identifying individuals, the system grants access to the specific areas and information necessary for them to perform their jobs, while restricting access to sensitive equipment or information. This minimizes security risks and ensures that employees are authorized to access only what is required for their tasks.

How Access Control Works

Access control protocols rely on unique identifiers to verify employees’ identities. Biometric scans may be used in high-profile facilities to restrict physical access to sensitive areas. Multifactor authentication, where users provide multiple forms of identification, further enhances security. These measures are implemented through advanced access control systems, allowing for seamless management of access and ensuring only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas.

Real-World Examples of Advanced Access Control

Advanced access control systems are being adopted across various industries and businesses. Here are some real-world examples of how advanced access control, such as the Brivo system, is being utilized to enhance security and streamline operations:

The Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and legalize in various states, the need for stringent security measures becomes crucial. Cannabis facilities, including grow operations and dispensaries, are increasingly turning to advanced access control solutions like Brivo to comply with regulations and protect their assets. Cloud-based access control systems enable cannabis companies to monitor and control access to their facilities from anywhere in the world. By integrating video surveillance, alarm systems, and CCTV, these businesses can enhance their overall security posture. The ability to generate comprehensive audit reports also facilitates compliance and ensures that access data is easily accessible.

Religious Facilities

Religious institutions, such as churches, synagogues, and mosques, are embracing advanced access control systems to safeguard their premises and congregation. With cloud solutions like Brivo, administrators, volunteers, and employees can conveniently manage access through mobile apps. This flexibility is particularly valuable for churches that host programs outside of regular service hours. Administrators can monitor entry and exit logs, granting access to authorized individuals while keeping unauthorized personnel at bay. Additionally, remote unlocking capabilities eliminate the need for physical keys and simplify the process of granting access to temporary visitors or individuals who have forgotten their credentials.

Start-Up Companies

Tech start-ups, often operating on expansive campuses with sensitive information and valuable assets, benefit greatly from advanced access control systems. These solutions allow start-ups to define and restrict access to specific areas based on employees’ roles and responsibilities. By implementing customizable access control protocols, start-ups can enhance security while optimizing operational efficiency. IT administrators can grant different levels of security clearances, ensuring that employees only have access to the resources and facilities necessary for their tasks. Access control can also be scheduled, automatically opening and closing doors based on shifts or specific timeframes. Moreover, advanced access control systems provide tech companies with an added layer of cybersecurity. With large amounts of data and intellectual property at stake, protecting sensitive information is paramount. Brivo’s cloud-based solution offers an integrated approach, combining access control with robust cybersecurity measures.

Exploring the Brivo Access Control System

The Brivo access control system is a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to enhance security, convenience, and efficiency for businesses of all sizes. Its unique features and product offerings set it apart from traditional access control systems:

Brivo ACS100

The ACS100 is Brivo’s single-door access control panel. It provides a secure cloud connection and offers lower costs and easy installation. The ACS100 can be accessed remotely using Brivo’s smart reader or mobile credentials, enabling efficient management of access points.

Brivo ACS300

The ACS300 is a more advanced door controller that works over an ethernet/Wi-Fi connection. It supports hundreds of thousands of credentials while offline, making it ideal for managing access in small to mid-size commercial properties. The ACS300’s capabilities have made it particularly successful in the retail stores and vacation rental management space.

Brivo ACS6000

The ACS6000/6008 is Brivo’s largest solution, functioning as a control panel for larger multi-family environments. With support for up to 30 card readers per control panel, this access control solution is well-suited for extensive properties such as large commercial properties access control system installation or hotels.

Brivo OnAir ( Now Brivo Access)

Brivo OnAir is the cloud-based platform that serves as the backbone of Brivo’s access control system. It allows administrators to manage access, monitor activity, and generate reports from a centralized location. Through the intuitive web-based interface, users can easily configure access permissions, view live events, and receive real-time notifications.

Brivo Mobile Pass

Brivo Mobile Pass is a mobile credentialing solution that replaces traditional physical access cards with smartphones. Employees and authorized individuals can use their smartphones to gain access to secure areas, eliminating the need for physical cards or key fobs. The Brivo Mobile Pass app supports both iOS and Android devices.

Brivo and Eagle Eye

Brivo integrates seamlessly with Eagle Eye Networks, a leading provider of cloud-based video surveillance solutions. This integration allows users to view live and recorded video feeds directly from the Brivo OnAir platform. By combining access control and video surveillance, users can quickly respond to security incidents and gain comprehensive insights into facility operations.

Brivo Identity Connector

The Brivo Identity Connector enables organizations to sync their access control system with Active Directory or other identity management systems. This integration simplifies user management and ensures that access control permissions align with an organization’s existing identity infrastructure.

Brivo Complete Security

Brivo Complete Security is an all-in-one security solution that combines access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to manage their security systems from a single interface, streamlining operations and providing a holistic view of facility security.


Advanced access control systems like Brivo offer a range of benefits, including enhanced security, streamlined operations, and increased convenience. By leveraging cloud-based solutions, businesses can monitor and manage access to their facilities from anywhere, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry to sensitive areas. With real-world applications across industries like cannabis, religious facilities, and start-up companies, advanced access control systems have become an essential component of a comprehensive security strategy.


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