Affordable Video Intercom System for Home and Business in Los Angeles Area

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Security systems have long been an effective way to deter crime. When the Ithica police department noticed an uptick in burglaries, they recommended homeowners invest in motion-sensor cameras and lights. Businesses will logically benefit from the same technology. 

Your business is only as safe as the security system surrounding it. A simple search for the best intercom systems on the market will lead you to dozens of options. How do you know which system is best for your business? 

Keep reading to learn about how to pick the best video intercom systems for your business. 

Best Wireless Video Intercom System

In light of the rash of mass shootings at schools over the past two decades, schools have adopted video intercom systems and door locks as necessary security procedures. It only makes sense that what keeps children safe can also keep our businesses safe. Here are a few of the best wireless intercom camera systems. 

Ring Video Doorbell 2

You will be able to easily see whoever rings your business doorbell with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 1080 high-definition video camera. Whenever anyone rings your doorbell, you will see their image through the mobile Ring app on your mobile device, be it an iOS or Android. 

The Ring is also a simple device with an easily removable battery pack that charges the battery. Best of all, you do not have to detach the doorbell to access the battery pack. 

If you live in an extreme climate, be it hot or cold, this doorbell works. It can withstand temperatures as low as -5 and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is adaptable. You can customize the motion sensors so that the neighborhood stray cat doesn’t set it off. 


Doorbird is an intercom and security system all in one. It has both a doorbell, intercom, and video system. Doorbird’s biggest feature is its 720p live video with night vision.

It also has smart features you can connect to your other smart devices. Once you have a professional install Doorbird, you can download the app to your iOS or Android and then connect it to your home network. 

Doorbird also has a unique robotic feature. For example, if you have a Roomba or robotic vacuum, you can set Doorbird so the alarm does not go off when your vacuum starts its job. 

Doorbird has a wide range of durability, able to withstand temperatures ranging from -4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It can operate in high humidity as well. 

Doorbirds camera will automatically snap a picture of whoever rings the bell, so you no longer have to wonder who is at the door when you’re at your desk. It will maintain a log of the 20 most recent visitors as well. 

Best Video Intercom System With Door Release

If you want to save yourself some steps, you can always look for a video intercom system with a door release. This type of intercom system allows you to hear and see the visitor and then let them in with the push of a button from the comfort of your desk. 

A door entry system is ideal for business security as it offers you the best video intercom system for business with security and entry options.

ABB Welcome Door Entry System

The ABB system has a simple, intuitive design. You will not struggle to understand how it works as ABB designers worked hard to use recognizable symbols and functions. 

Plus, the door does not look like something from a maximum-security prison. ABB prides itself on producing an elegant and yet secure design. Designers worked hard to create a system that adapts to the exterior of your architecture. 

Inside your home, the inside of the door will complement your home’s design. It should meet all your expectations aesthetically and functionally.  

From a functional standpoint, the ABB door system works smoothly. You can configure your smart device and telephone system into a remote control for the door access. So a couple of pushes of a button will unlock the door for your visitor. 

If you already have some analog camera systems, the ABB system can integrate those cameras into its system. The extensive features of the ABB system help you improve security round the clock. 

Best of all, ABB has nine functional modules, so there is certainly something that will meet your businesses’ security needs. 

Best Video Intercom System For Business

Companies design intercom systems with their specific customers in mind. Some work better for businesses than homes, and others work specifically well with residences. These are some of the best designs out there specifically for businesses. 


Aiphone products come with powerful features. For example, the award-winning JO Series Video intercom features both open-voice and push-to-talk features. 

Aiphone also has a 7″ LCD touch screen so you can see and monitor your property with ease. The door release allows visitors to come and go at your decree. The on-site monitor will connect to your phone so you can monitor your property no matter where you are. 


Doorking features a powerful intercom telephone system. It can hold up to 27 phone numbers and 100 device codes include cards, keypads, and transmitters. It has a 500-even history buffer with 10 different access codes. 

This system is the king of intercom security systems, connecting to vehicular and pedestrian gates. You can add up to six additional entry points with your initial control. 

The Doorking system is fully programmable. You can set it for special holiday schedules as well as four hold-open time zones. It’s a great system when you’re looking for robust security for a large facility. 

WI Series Wireless Radio Video Intercom System

When your power goes out, you need your intercom system to work. Lack of power shouldn’t mean a lack of security. WI Series Wireless Radio Video Intercome System created by BEC Integrated Solutions uses Wi-Fi but also operates on radio frequencies. Thus the system works without power. 

It comes with 3 portable 7-inch wireless video monitors so you can best see all parts of your business property even when you’re not there. It even captures pictures of each visitor who steps in the range of the cameras. 

Schonell Interphone

The Shonell Interphone ranks high as one of the more advanced systems available. It has a variety of smart solutions with the word “interphone” attached to them like the Interphone Hybrid or the Interphone Zero. Ll of the Interphone systems work with iOS and Android devices. 

The Interphone Hybrid works well for business security because of its features. It can support up to 10,000 users. It also uses a live wide-angle 4G video feed and has a camera with night vision and infrared filter. 

Stay Safe, Stay Connected

An effective video intercom system can protect your business. It’s your eyes and ears when you cannot be there.

Check out our services today. We’d love to hook up your most important business asset with a secure, intercom video intercom system. 

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